Tara Ramanathan

Program Director, Clean Energy

As Program Director for Clean Energy at Nexleaf Analytics since January 2014, Tara focuses on merging technology, science and social science to increase adoption of the cleanest, best-performing cookstoves. Tara builds new relationships and opportunities to Nexleaf Analytics and Project Surya to help bring stove monitoring innovations to scale and sustainability through strategic partnerships with governments, implementers and policy-makers. She has been leading the development of a standard for field testing cookstoves for the International Standards Organization (ISO) Technical Committee 285 and led a working group with the World Bank to streamline the monitoring and evaluation of cookstoves globally.

Prior to Nexleaf, she spent over 12 years working to build resilience in communities through programs such as Teach for America and Bay Area Women Against Rape. Tara believes data has the power to shift accountability and conversations about cookstove adoption—placing focus on useful stove designs and scalable implementation models—effectively enabling women to adopt life-saving clean energy technologies.