Nexleaf Analytics Named Google AI Impact Grantee


Nexleaf will apply AI to bring more meaning on the impact of temperature conditions on vaccines.

LOS ANGELES, 5/07/2019 – Today, Google named Nexleaf Analytics a grantee of the Google AI Impact Challenge. The Google AI Impact Challenge was an open call to non-profits, social enterprises, and research institutions from around the world to submit their ideas to use AI to help address societal challenges. Through this Challenge, Nexleaf will build data models with machine learning technology to help countries estimate and predict the potency of a vaccine throughout its long cold chain journey, from arrival in country all the way until it reaches a child.

Many vaccines are temperature sensitive and exposure to unsafe temperatures damages their potency. A strong and transparent cold chain is needed to ensure every child on Earth, even in remote places lacking resilient infrastructure, receives safe and effective vaccines. “This effort provides an opportunity to create a comprehensive picture of the vaccine cold chain so that countries can fully evaluate the impact of temperature excursions on potency,” said Shahrzad Yavari, Cold Chain Program Director at Nexleaf.

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Nexleaf Announces Clean Cooking Initiative in Nigeria

Rural Women for Energy Security (RUWES), the Nigeria Ministry of Environment, the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC), and Nexleaf partner to bridge the clean energy divide in two rural communities.


ABUJA, NIGERIA — On International Women’s Day, Nexleaf Analytics announces the launch of a clean cooking program in Nigeria in collaboration with Rural Women for Energy Security (RUWES), the Nigeria Ministry of Environment, and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). Together, the partners will work with Nigerian communities to evaluate the viability of existing clean cooking solutions in resource-limited environments. This program aims to identify stoves and fuels that meet the needs of rural women to help them reduce their carbon footprint and foster equitable clean energy access for healthier and safer environments.

Across 2 villages in Nigeria, Nexleaf will use their StoveTrace system, composed of data-gathering tools and a cloud-based analytics platform, to advance uptake of clean cooking solutions and capture women’s feedback on potential design improvements. “In keeping with the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day, we will take bold action to get Nigerian women out of energy poverty by stimulating rural entrepreneurs in the clean energy sector and empowering our rural women as advocates of new technologies to curb air pollution,” said Nafisah Abubakar, Head of Secretariat at RUWES.

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Nexleaf Expands to New Sector

We have made significant strides this year in the clean cooking and immunization sectors, and we’re excited to apply our data-driven approach to neonatal intensive care equipment deployed around the world. In collaboration with new and existing partners, we will gather data about how health equipment for vulnerable newborns is utilized and maintained in places where traditional infrastructure (such as reliable grid power) is limited or missing.

At the core of our work is designing solutions around data and analytics that solve the world’s most critical problems. We will bring these principles to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) sector through on-the-ground data gathering and designing specialized digital tools for health workers.

Nexleaf Featured in Gavi “Vaccine Heroes” Photo Exhibition


Gavi’s photo exhibition, “Vaccine Heroes,” is now on display, showcasing the people who are working on the ground bring safe vaccination to millions of children each year. Nexleaf’s work with JSI is featured through a photo and quote from Christina, a health worker in Tanzania. The display highlights how Christina was able to respond to temperature fluctuations in vaccine refrigerators more efficiently to safeguard vaccines and how the Ministry of Health was able to gain more visibility into their cold chain data through Nexleaf’s technology and approach. This ultimately results in more safe vaccines reaching children at the last mile.

The exhibition will be on display until 6th October in Geneva, Switzerland. The photo boards line the Rotonde du Mont-Blanc, on the banks of Lake Geneva.

Nexleaf Unveils New Partners for Clean Cooking Initiative


SAN FRANCISCO — At an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit, Nexleaf Analytics announced a new partnership to expand its cloud-based climate platform to measure the usage and impact of clean cookstove technologies. The expanded data platform will enable organizations to quantify the impact of cookstove initiatives using Nexleaf’s evidence-based standards for emissions reductions, user-friendliness, and robustness to deliver sustainable, market-ready solutions.

The platform is supported by the Autodesk Foundation, Qualcomm® Wireless Reach™, and Tata Trusts. The event convened leaders from these organizations, as well as the Mulago Foundation and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, to address the global energy gap by delivering scalable solutions for climate and clean energy. Read More…

Nexleaf to Host Affiliate Event at Global Climate Action Summit

Global Climate Action Summit

Scaling Climate Solutions: Innovations in Design, Data, and Development to Reach the Poorest 3 Billion People

Nexleaf Analytics will convene leading experts on the value of advanced technologies to accelerate progress in the sustainable energy space at an affiliate event at the Global Climate Action Summit. In conversation with leaders in the public and private sector looking to deliver large scale solutions in climate and clean energy, we will explore the challenges and successes of design and technology to reach the poorest 3 billion. Read More…

Nexleaf highlighted in Amazon Web Services blog post

Amazon Web Services teamed up with Nexleaf to write a blog post called “Internet of (Good) Things: Technology for Creating Global Good.” The blog highlights how Nexleaf uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to steer public health interventions towards impact for global good. It focuses on Nexleaf’s data-driven approach, highlighting how a large part of Nexleaf’s mission is to create a culture of data. Beyond data, the blog also brings attention to the ways in which Nexleaf works to bridge the gap between data and impact with solutions designed on the ground for users on the front lines.

Nexleaf is proud to work with Amazon Web Services, and we are excited to continue to work together to empower public health interventions with data. Read the full blog post on the AWS website.

Nexleaf Highlighted in Commencement Address at Columbia Mailman School

We’re honored to have been mentioned by Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, during his commencement address at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health. Our work champions the power of data and analytics to solve the world’s greatest challenges, and we’re grateful to have been featured as a guiding example to the graduates of the Mailman School.

Seth Berkley mentions in his address that mobile technology is growing at an unprecedented speed, faster even than basic infrastructure like indoor plumbing, and tapping into that momentum can benefit public interventions. Seth uses Nexleaf as an example of an innovation organization that uses tech-based solutions to create transparency and accountability at the ‘last mile’ of the vaccine cold chain.

Learn more about Seth Berkley’s commencement.

CEO Nithya discusses clean cooking at SEforALL Forum

Global leaders in clean energy and public health gathered in Lisbon, Portugal for the Sustainable Energy for All Forum (SEforALL) including Nexleaf’s CEO & Co-founder Nithya Ramanathan. We were thrilled to have been part of the conversation and to bring our expertise on delivering sustainable IoT solutions to facilitate clean energy access.

During a Facebook Live stream, Nithya engages Jeffrey Prins, Programme Manager at Ikea Foundation, and Harish Hande, CEO of Selco Foundation, to share learnings and ideas on how to move the clean cooking sector forward.

As Nithya asks, “How do we bring the right people together to share objective learnings and bring the right people to the table?” Watch the full interview to see how Nexleaf, Selco Foundation, and Ikea Foundation address this question and think about reshaping the clean cookstove sector to achieve clean energy for all.

Nexleaf’s Sensor-enabled Climate Financing (SCF) Featured in Technology Exchange

Members from Rural Women Energy Security (RUWES), a network of 2 million women entrepreneurs in Nigeria, traveled to Nexleaf’s field site in Odisha, India to learn directly from the local community how to transition to clean cooking and encourage adoption. We celebrate the knowledge sharing between women of different cultures who are championing access to affordable clean energy through entrepreneurship and innovative financing models like Sensor-enabled Climate Financing (SCF).

This pioneering technology exchange, facilitated by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, was captured in a full length video by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA). Watch the full video to learn more about how RUWES and women in India are capturing the momentum around technology to advocate for improved energy access for their communities.