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Clean Cooking

Every day, 3 billion people rely on indoor fires to cook their daily meals, and to light and heat their homes. The resulting household smoke greatly contributes to climate change and exposure to it is responsible for close to 4 million deaths each year—more than malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS combined.

Lack of clean cooking solutions is a subset of the inequality surrounding clean energy for basic household use, alongside lighting and heating. The philanthropic world rallied around ‘improved cookstoves’ meant to displace unsafe and polluting cooking practices. Yet, clean household energy continues to be out of reach for many communities worldwide.

Nexleaf works to generate the missing data needed to reform clean cooking by exposing obstacles to sustainable energy transition and advocating for better clean cooking solutions for the forgotten 3 billion.

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Vaccine Cold Chain

Vaccines must be kept between 2°C and 8°C. But vaccine fridges in rural clinics often fail. Deviation outside this range can damage vaccines, resulting in unprotected children and wasted donor and country investment.

A recent WHO & UNICEF joint statement found that 56% of cold chain equipment in low- and middle-income countries is poorly functioning or non-functional.

Nexleaf collects critical data and provides customizable analytics and report-generating tools to empower health workers, inform ministries of health, and improve overall cold chain performance.

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