Nexleaf Interview on Country Engagement at World Economic Forum

­We’re excited to see Nithya Ramanathan, CEO of Nexleaf, attend the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting. In Davos, she was interviewed live on Facebook by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance on Tanzania’s push to introduce an Internet of Things (IoT) solution to monitor vaccine refrigerators at national scale.

Nithya explains how this initiative was made possible through a joint learning exchange between the Tanzanian and Mozambican Ministries of Health (MoH), in which the Mozambican MoH shared their learnings and data gathered from refrigerator monitoring. We’re proud to have facilitated the country engagement between the Tanzanian and Mozambican Ministries of Health and to be part of their initiatives to monitor the vaccine supply chain at the ‘last mile.’

The partnerships we have fostered with countries such as these are moving us closer towards our goal to monitor and protect every vaccine on Earth! Watch the full interview to understand how Nexleaf is cross-designing solutions with countries and helping build a complete picture of the cold chain.