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Who Are We?

Our team is diverse–bringing together science and engineering, social justice, business development, and public health backgrounds–driven by a shared purpose of doing social good. We believe in the power of data to achieve global goals, and we believe in the talent and perspective of our team members to realize those goals.


Current Openings

Watch our CEO's TED Talk to learn more about Nexleaf's story and our goals

Our core values

We work shoulder-to-shoulder

We work alongside others, from our end users to our high-level donors, rejecting both entrenched social hierarchies and market-domination strategies. We do not view others as “beneficiaries” of our work, nor as “competitors” to our business, but rather as key partners – peers – in achieving shared goals.

We iterate

We do not hesitate to test hypotheses, try, and fail at responsible scale, continuously re-assessing, re-evaluating, and re-calibrating based on data. We bring our users into this iterative process with us as partners. We believe that this is how progress happens.

We pursue the truth

We believe that getting to a more accurate understanding of the world – or a problem, a device, a dynamic, and so on – will always result in better outcomes. Investigating, understanding, and describing the truth are our core competencies and guiding principles. 

We embrace complexity

With data as our entry point, we help design comprehensive solutions that actually result in the intended impact. Our approach always requires hard work and often entails going outside of our comfort zone or veering out of our lane. We advocate with data to motivate others to embrace our complex point of view. 

We challenge the status quo

While it can be uncomfortable to point out fundamental problems embedded in global sectors, we recognize that acknowledging false assumptions and systemic flaws is crucial to achieving the intended impact. Some partners or institutions might be heavily invested in a particular course of action or way of framing a problem. We recognize our role in pointing out wrong thinking, but we never do so without suggesting a better way forward.

We're focused on impact

We care about achieving impact, not staking out Nexleaf’s role in it. We focus our efforts where we believe we can have the greatest impact; we do not chase funding streams, trends, accolades, or growth for the sake of growth.

Perks & Benefits


Paid Time Off 

Employees get 14 public holidays plus 8 four-day holiday weekends throughout the year!


Universal Holidays

Celebrate the holidays that matter to you! Float 2 US holidays, per year, for alternative cultural, regional, or religious holidays of choice.



Meeting Free Days
Nexleaf wants to ensure you invest in yourself and gives all employees bi-weekly meeting-free days to focus on their development.

Nexleaf Anniversaries

We celebrate you with $25 for every year worked. The value can be donated to a charity of choice, applied to extended learning, or used for lunch with a mentor.


Family Benefit

Any new parent (birth, foster, adoption) will receive an additional 6 weeks of paid leave. In addition, new parents have flex hours options their 1st month back.


401(k) Plan
If you invest in your future, we will too. Nexleaf offers a company match of $0.50 for each $1 saved, on the first 4% of pay to the retirement savings plan.


View our full benefits package for our US-based employees.

Current Openings

Not seeing a role that speaks to you?

Our organization is growing, and we’re looking to expand our talent in unique areas. Make your own role by submitting your Dream Job. Our Organizational Growth team reviews each application and will contact you if we see a match. Tell us who you are and how you can contribute to the Nexleaf team by sharing your resume, title and job description, and a cover letter which explains why Nexleaf. Please submit your Dream Job application to

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