Announces Nexleaf Grant

Nexleaf Analytics is proud to announce a grant from Google to fund the next phase of our ColdTrace device and the expansion of our ColdTrace-related projects. ColdTrace is a low-cost, easy-to-use remote temperature monitoring (RTM) system for use in vaccine refrigerators at multiple levels of the cold chain. A ColdTrace sensor sends SMS alerts to health workers when vaccine refrigerators become too hot or too cold in the field, reducing vaccine spoilage. The system also includes an open API that logs and collects data useful for logistics management, including information on vaccine stock levels, fridge inventory and performance data, maintenance histories, and even non-logistics data such as vaccine coverage. With this data-driven alert system, ColdTrace aims to provide governments and Ministries of Health with real data on the health facilities they manage while simultaneously saving vaccine doses from waste and spoilage.

“Nexleaf’s hardware sensors and well-designed data systems help make sure that valuable, life-saving vaccines that make it to clinics don’t spoil and allow clinic management to make informed decisions. The power of real-time data is something we know well at Google, and we’re excited to support this effort.” Jacquelline Fuller, Director of

View the video announcement here: