StoveTrace Report: Climate and Health Metrics

Transparent Climate and Health Metrics: An Open Data Dashboard and Wireless Platform for Cookstove Monitoring

Nexleaf and the World Bank collaborated on a project to monitor and evaluate cookstove use and subsequent PM2.5 reductions, to support sensor-enabled climate financing.  With support from Berkeley Air Monitoring Group and The Energy and Resources Institute, and in consultation with Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Nexleaf completed the first phase of a three phase project.

StoveTrace sensors were deployed in 79 households in four states in India, yielding unprecedented insight into user preference and behavior and spurring tremendous technological development of the platform. The investigation revealed that  the health benefits of cleaner air are less immediate and tangible, and do not hold much sway over women’s preference. In 10 additional households, prototypes of integrated PM2.5 devices were deployed, but further technological development and field testing are required to draw conclusions based on air quality data.

This work aims to scale an integrated sensor and increase the capacity of the open data platform accordingly.

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