Megan Bomba

Project Manager, Clean Cooking

Megan is the Project Manager for Clean Cooking. Megan manages operations, planning, and coordination to achieve Nexleaf’s goals of bringing the cleanest cooking technology to thousands of women across the globe. Megan supports the international field team and technology development at Nexleaf headquarters to bring StoveTrace technology to more households, and test new solutions to address health, affordability, and usability in the cookstoves sector.

Megan holds a M.S. degree in International Agricultural Development from U.C. Davis and a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Oberlin College. Prior to Nexleaf, Megan was a Project Director at the Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, overseeing programs in nutrition education and food policy equity for low-income and immigrant families in Los Angeles. She has also worked with NGOs serving rural women through microfinance and community development in Latin America and India.

Megan is passionate about putting women at the center of development innovation, and in using data to challenge the status quo.