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Dr. Seth Berkley
Former CEO, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
Deborah Estrin
Associate Dean and Professor, Cornell Tech
Laura Hattendorf
Senior Advisor, Mulago Foundation; Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Radhika Malpani
Founder, Google Images; Former Senior Director, Eng @ Google
Frank Nagle
Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School
Wendy Prosser
Senior Technical Officer, Immunization Center, John Snow, Inc. (JSI)
Russ Siegelman
Lecturer, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Ryan Vinyard
Hardware Startup Consultant
Vinitha Watson
Founder, Zoo Labs

Patience Mfune

Senior Project Manager

Patience Mfune is a Senior Project Manager at Nexleaf. His role provides strategic guidance to Nexleaf’s interventions in Malawi to engage the Ministry of Health and other vaccine partners to ensure that vaccines are safe to the last mile. He works in country with a global team to ensure that Malawi government has access to the data they need to effectively and equitably deliver potent vaccines to Malawians. Patience brings along to Nexleaf his long-term working relationship with the Government of Malawi and development stakeholders to make sure that discussions between policymakers, supply chain experts, and, health workers in Malawi are driven by data.

Prior to joining Nexleaf, Patience worked with both local and international health and communication organizations in Malawi in various capacities for over ten years. In these roles, Patience’s track record in designing health and communication advocacy initiatives, demand generation, and health – social behavior change communication strategies and models contributed to the success of multi-billion dollar projects.

Patience has worked in projects that are funded by multi-national donor agencies like USAID, DFID, OSISA, KFW, UNESCO, Nike Foundation among others where he designed and implemented game-changing human-centered designs and demand generation strategies that provided a continuum in the project life span while saving lives. In these projects, Patience worked with M & E teams to create data for action strategies to achieve project indicators and maximize results.

Patience is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with UNICAF University while holding a BSc in Mass Communications from ShareWORLD Open University, Diploma in Journalism from the University of Malawi, and Certificates in Community Development and Project Management by ABMA board.