Terence Honles

Senior Software Engineer

Terence Honles is a Senior Software Engineer at Nexleaf Analytics. He
graduated from UCLA with a degree in Computer Science, and his work history
includes Amazon, Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Microsoft. While at Google
Terence realized he needed something different from his work, and sought to
return to a startup; He was looking to join a team working on a philanthropic
or humanitarian effort, and that was when he heard Nexleaf was hiring.

Terence, while at UCLA, had previously worked with Nithya and Martin at UCLA’s
Center for Embedded Networked Sensing. The project he was exposed to
exemplified why he had chosen Computer Science as a degree; Computers and
technology are tools which are increasingly becoming ubiquitous, and by
learning how to craft software he would be able to assist with tasks and
efforts which reached much further than the physical computing device he was
programming. Terence took the opportunity to work with Nithya and Martin again
and joined their team at Nexleaf Analytics.

As a Senior Software Engineer at Nexleaf Analytics, Terence is working on
incorporating industry best practices and lessons from his work history into
the development process and system design of Nexleaf’s current and future
software endeavors.