The Pursuit of Digital Transformation: Operation Accelerate

Our Operation Accelerate initiative demonstrates Nexleaf’s dedication to achieving the digital transformation of health systems. Back in early 2023, our team could see from the ColdTrace data platform that many of our devices had stopped sending data. That meant our technology was not providing a comprehensive end-to-end view of vaccine cold chain performance for our partners.

Our report, Operation Accelerate, breaks down how our team, together with Ministries of Health, achieved remarkable success, bringing the number of devices online and sending data up significantly. In Tanzania alone, this work brought the number of vaccine refrigerators and fridges sending data up from 1,353 active equipment to 3,822 active equipment, for a net increase of 2,469. The increased visibility into the health system is clear.

Operation Accelerate work is ongoing in Pakistan, and new ColdTrace implementations are being deployed with the benefit of everything we learned from this initiative starting from day one. Read the full report here.