Health & Wellness


A selection of 5 medical plans from 2 providers, and the flexibility to choose based on individual budget & needs.



Health Savings Account (HSA)

HSA accounts available for those on HDHP plan. Use this triple tax advantage savings plan towards out-of-pocket health expenses or retirement. Kaiser HDHP enrollees pay $0 medical premiums and receive $1,250/yr from Nexleaf towards the HSA plan.


Dental Plans

Comprehensive PPO dental & orthodontia coverage for individuals and families.




Access to one of the largest provider networks to support low, in-network copays for eye exams, glasses, retinal imaging, and other vision needs.

Financial Planning

401(k) Plan

If you invest in your future, we will too. Nexleaf offers a company match of $0.50 for each $1 saved, on the first 4% of pay to the retirement savings plan.



Term Life and AD&D

Nexleaf wants to help employees prepare for the future. Nexleaf provides every eligible employee with $25K of Term Life and AD&D coverage with the ability to purchase additional individual coverage and/or coverage for spouse/domestic partner and/or children.



Disability Insurance

Nexleaf covers short-term disability insurance & employees may voluntarily add long-term disability insurance.



Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

Deposit pre-tax dollars for eligible health care expenses or care for dependents, with optional Medical FSA, Limited Purpose Medical FSA, and Dependent Care FSA.

Paid Time Off

We believe that rested and healthy employees are the best employees.


  • 14 Public Holidays plus 8 four-day holiday weekends
  • 15 Vacation Days
  • 12 Sick Days
  • Year-end Office Closure

Additional Perks

Travel Recovery

After international business travel of 5+ business days or longer, Nexleaf provides a $50 (pre-tax) stipend towards personal care. The value is spent at the employee’s discretion. In addition, employees receive 1 day of post-trip recovery time off.



Comp Days

Exempt employees that have pre-planned overtime exceeding 48 working hours in a work week OR who work over a public holiday as a result of business necessity are eligible for comp day(s).


Universal Holidays

Celebrate the holidays that matter to you! Float 2 US holidays, per year, for alternative cultural, regional, or religious holidays of choice.


Meeting Free Days
Nexleaf wants to make sure you invest in yourself and gives all employees bi-weekly meeting free days to focus on their development.


Additional Perks

Public Transit Subsidy

Employees choosing public transportation as their primary method of commuting will receive up to $50 subsidy towards a bus, train, or even scooters!


Nexleaf Anniversaries

We celebrate you with $25 for every year worked. The value can be donated to a charity of choice, applied to extended learning, or used for lunch with a mentor.


Family Benefit

Any new parent (birth, foster, adoption) will receive an additional 80 hours of paid leave. In addition, new parents have flex hours options their 1st month back.