Our Mission

At Nexleaf, our mission is to preserve human life and protect our planet by designing sensor technologies, generating data analytics, and advocating for data-driven solutions to global challenges.

Our Model

We build robust, cost-effective, cloud-based sensors that work everywhere and upload data in near real time from anywhere.

We build web-based dashboards with visualizations and customizable analytics tools designed to serve the people who need the information most.

We iterate in the field and work with people on the ground to install, service, and constantly improve our technologies.


Why is Nexleaf a Tech Non-Profit

As the monetization model that dominates global tech demonstrates, data is a valuable resource. We at Nexleaf do not seek to extract or capture data from countries, especially low- and lower-middle-income countries that already contend with a history of resource depletion and extraction by foreign interests. We believe that countries always own their data, and scale of data systems should always be informed by countries’ data rights. 

We believe ample available data helps build consensus and align incentives. For this reason, we want data to flow and proliferate within the countries we work with, and throughout the sectors we support. Any barriers to the flow of data within the country could hinder the end goal: improving outcomes for life-saving interventions (such as immunization) that require specialized equipment (such as vaccine fridges) to function optimally. Our model motivates us to build the best, most robust and affordable technologies we can to support humanitarian and environmental projects without a profit motive influencing our sensor designs or our data sharing principles.

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Donors & Partners


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