Building a Culture of Data in Malawi

Our Nexleaf team members work shoulder-to-shoulder with Ministries of Health to achieve technology adoption and data use that actualizes the digital transformation of health systems. The Culture of Data project in Malawi took this commitment to another level, including the development of a university-level course in using remote temperature monitoring (RTM) data designed specifically for […]

The Pursuit of Digital Transformation: Operation Accelerate

Our Operation Accelerate initiative demonstrates Nexleaf’s dedication to achieving the digital transformation of health systems. Back in early 2023, our team could see from the ColdTrace data platform that many of our devices had stopped sending data. That meant our technology was not providing a comprehensive end-to-end view of vaccine cold chain performance for our […]

Meeting Data Champions in Pakistan

EXCEPTIONAL EFFORTS IN THE EFFECTIVE USE OF DATA by Nelima Otipa, Senior Program Manager for Impact, Nexleaf Analytics Introduction In our line of work, it’s not uncommon to witness individuals facing significant challenges in their efforts to provide proper healthcare to the population. Within these challenges, we often discover remarkable stories of everyday events that […]

Understanding the Vaccine Risk Score

Using the Vaccine Risk Score to Understand Cold Chain Performance in Malawi In Malawi, Nexleaf and the Malawi Ministry of Health commissioned a local partner, Invest in Knowledge, to conduct a groundbreaking study on Vaccine Wastage.  Currently, one of the main indicators used to understand whether cold chains are performing well or not is uptime: […]

ColdTrace Transport: Protecting Vaccines on the Move

Transport Data Is Already Improving Vaccine Delivery Processes in Tanzania When we set out to pilot ColdTrace Transport in Tanzania, we knew we could gather valuable information about the temperature conditions of vaccines during delivery trips. As the project got underway, were excited to see the technology and alerts prompt actions by drivers to protect […]

The Power of Outage Alerts

Announcing our newest publication! Hospital workers around the world are forced to cope with unreliable power and frequent power outages. That’s why Nexleaf, PagerDuty, the Kenya Ministry of Health, and CPHD launched a pilot to send automated power status alerts to hospital workers in Kenya. They found that text message alerts helped users prevent deadly […]

The Trek Closeout Workshop

Stakeholders at the Trek closeout workshop discuss how digital health technologies for monitoring vaccine temperatures during transportation protect the potency and value of vaccines in the cold chain.

Trek Pilot Progress

Trek Pilot Progress While remote temperature monitoring has provided critical support for decision-making at health facilities throughout the country, until now, there has been no insight into what happened to vaccines as they were transported. Yet studies show that as many as two-thirds of vaccines are exposed to damaging temperatures during transport, including the most […]

Nexleaf’s Legacy and the Future of IoT for Cookstoves

Closing a Chapter The CCDI pilot will be the final chapter in Nexleaf’s clean cooking story. As Nexleaf matures as an organization and establishes its niche within the vaccine cold chain, it’s become clear that we cannot achieve a high level of impact within both the healthcare and energy sectors. After more than a decade […]

Nexleaf + Fast Forward Growth Accelerator!

Nexleaf is in the Fast Forward Growth Accelerator! As one of eight high-growth tech nonprofits in the cohort, the program will help us reach our goal of protecting vaccines for 20% of babies born each year. Learn more about the Fast Forward Growth Accelerator and how it will help Nexleaf reach the next level of […]