ColdTrace Transport: Protecting Vaccines on the Move

Image of the ColdTrace Transport Case Study cover page

Transport Data Is Already Improving Vaccine Delivery Processes in Tanzania

When we set out to pilot ColdTrace Transport in Tanzania, we knew we could gather valuable information about the temperature conditions of vaccines during delivery trips. As the project got underway, were excited to see the technology and alerts prompt actions by drivers to protect vaccines during transport. What’s more: ColdTrace Transport data is already informing process improvements for how Tanzania distributes vaccines.

Now, Tanzania is scaling this innovation nationwide, and our Nexleaf team is working to refine and optimize the ColdTrace Transport app and platform based on feedback from the pilot phase users.

Nexleaf is committed to safeguarding vaccines on every leg of their journey, from the national warehouse, to each sub-national storage point, all the way to the health clinic, to reach every patient with potent vaccines.

We’re excited to share this report on our innovative Transport technology, implemented in partnership with Tanzania MoH, Tanzania IVD, inSupply Health, and with support from The ELMA Vaccines and Immunization Foundation and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. For information on procuring ColdTrace Transport, contact us.

Read the full report here.