Our Mission

At Nexleaf, we build, scale, and support wireless sensor devices and data analytics tools that improve global public health and the environment.

Health and climate change interventions all around the world are plagued by a lack of data. Is the equipment we’re deploying functioning properly? Is it achieving the impact it’s meant to accomplish? Are the initiatives undertaken by the global development community really working?

We have seen how access to meaningful real-time data enables responsive interventions, which include mechanisms for monitoring & evaluation, self-correction, and accountability, and result in verifiable impact. We know that robust, resilient, cost-effective technology can bridge the gap where other infrastructure is lacking. And we believe that the best solutions come when we engage with people on the ground and create technology that meets their needs and integrates into their lives.


Our Model

We build robust, cost-effective, cloud-based sensors that work everywhere and upload data in near real time from anywhere.

We build web-based dashboards with visualizations and customizable analytics tools designed to serve the people who need the information most.

We iterate in the field and work with people on the ground to install, service, and constantly improve our technologies.



Nithya Ramanathan

CEO & Co-Founder

Martin Lukac

CTO & Co-Founder

Ian Leong

COO & Co-Founder

Shahrzad Yavari

Program Director, Vaccines

Shubha Varma

Project Coordinator, India

Erin Ross

Communications Manager

Mitesh Gala

Product Manager

Anita Sircar

Project Manager, India

Jesse Ross

DevOps & Data Analytics Engineer

Evelyn Wu

Operations Manager

Jake Schual-Berke

Senior Project Manager

Sushanta Pradhan

Field Coordinator, Odisha

Natalie Evans

Philanthropic Relations Coordinator

Rotimi Olatunji

Regional Coordinator, Nigeria

Shariq Torres

Software Engineer

Maya Levitt

Administrative Assistant

Terence Honles

Senior Software Engineer

Terry Chern

Software Engineer

Denisse Ruiz

Communications Coordinator

Suvendu Giri

Field Coordinator, Odisha

Naseem Mohd

Field Coordinator, Western India 

Jennifer Zoffada

QA Engineer

Caroline Kania

Project Coordinator, Kenya

Board of Directors

Anish Aswani
Thomas Lee
Radhika Malpani
Mark Sugarman
Asher Waldfogel
David Watson

Advisory Board

John Dawson
Deborah Estrin
Vivek Krishnappa
Vinitha Watson

Contact Us


For general inquiries, please email or call +1 213-915-6729.

Nexleaf Analytics is based in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


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