Hosea Kintu

Project Coordinator, Tanzania

Hosea Michael is a Project Coordinator for Tanzania. He is coordinating management of a multi-state technology-based project in Tanzania; setting up a central service center to manage service support for our devices; handling escalated service issues; supply chain management & logistics; regular field travel to ensure quality of implementation; tracking project priorities and project planning metrics; forming and maintaining relationships with partners, contractors and sub-contractors. He is also responsible for organizing and attending meetings with partners to ensure data is being used for decision making and to attend conferences and workshops as needed in Tanzania and around the world.

Hosea holds MSc in Human Resource Management, BA with Education and an extensive experience working in rural and urban Tanzania on health and socioeconomic related programs in both research and pragmatic sciences. Over the past 8 years, Hosea has been exposed to different programs which include HIV, nutrition, vaccination, systems innovation, electronic systems development and implementation, training and capacity building, organizational development, private-public sector engagement (PPP), research, water, sanitation and hygiene and data use initiatives etc. This drives him to be a massive advocate for e-health improvement and development initiatives and programs as well as the use of electronically generated data to make an informed decision so as to improve immunization and overall health service across Africans and overseas.